Can I take advantage of website coupon and use my voucher?
No. All vouchers are already discounted and can't be combined with any website coupons or specials

What's included in a  2,3 and 4 hour cleaning?
Cleaning of bathrooms, kitchen, dusting, vacuuming, sweeping and mopping of all floors

What additional services are offered?
Baseboard cleaning $10, Ceiling Fan cleaning $10, Window blind cleaning $10, Refrigerator cleaning( Empty) $10, Refrigerator cleaning (stocked with food) $20, Oven/microwave cleaning $10, Inside Cabinet cleaning $25

Does the company offer Maid service?
No. Maid service is not offered. Washing dishes, washing clothes, folding clothes, ironing clothes, washing walls, and windows are services not being offered

Does the house cleaner bring their own cleaning supplies?
Yes. The house cleaner brings all cleaning supplies including vacuum, broom and mop

How many house cleaners will come to clean my home?
The company sends out 1 house cleaner for Bronze, Silver, and Gold package and 2 house cleaners for Platinum and Ultra platinum package

Does the company offer discounts for ongoing cleaning service?
Yes. The company offers 50% off cleaning service when ongoing cleaning service is scheduled

How do I schedule Ongoing cleaning service?
Go to home page and click on schedule appointment and choose Ongoing service

How do I schedule an appointment if I bought a voucher off a third party website ?
Go to homepage and click on schedule appointment,  choose hours bought for voucher (whether 2, 3 or 4 hours) and click schedule, and fill out all info. Choose paid and click pay later.  All vouchers are paid on third party website, no payment needed on our website.

Is there a refund policy if cancelled before cleaning?
There is a 3 day refund policy. After 3 days of purchase all sales are final.


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